Factory steering wheels were pretty much the only option for airbag equipped cars for the do it yourself guys.  That has all changed with Grant Products new Revolution line of steering wheels.  There is an option for the airbag dilemma.

We talked with Grants Vice President in Sales and Marketing, Dennis Noonchester, about the Revolution Solution for air bag steering wheel replacement.  Noonchester explained; “We designed the steering wheels with the existing OE armature,  strip it down and rebuild the wheel will our technology and styling.”

Watch the Grant Revolution steering wheel video from the SEMA trade show floor:

Currently the Revolution wheels are available in the muscle car line and truck line of products.  Grant’s steering wheels are known for incorporating elements of race performance and contemporary styling into their product lines.  Offering a variety of different materials in wheel construction, Grant has now made all of these available to the DIY guys that want to change their factory airbag wheel.

According to Noonchester; “all you do is simply reinstall your factory airbag along with any of your original factory switches (if equipped) into the Grant Revolution wheel and in no time you will have the style and comfort that you were looking for in the first place.”  Noonchester claims that a typical do it yourselfer can complete this installation in about thirty minutes with no problem.

Everything remains factory OEM as far as the wiring harnesses and switches during the swap so if you sell the vehicle and you want to keep your Revolution steering wheel, you can put the original wheel back on.

Noonchester also explained that Grant has recently partnered with Roush and offers the Roush style steering wheel with several options available.

For more information on Grant Products, visit their website at www.grantproducts.com