Garrett’s GTX turbochargers feature new compressor designs with improved aerodynamics and better efficiency than even the outstanding GT line, and now they’re available in two new mid-frame sizes – the GTX30R and GTX35R. Like their big brothers, the GTX42R and GTX45R, these new smaller turbos feature forged billet compressor wheels with a 11 full-blade design. They’re outline-interchangeable with Garrett GT-series turbos, and are designed for quiet operation in addition to remarkable gains in efficiency.

The new mid-frame designs are designed for displacements ranging from 1.8-4.5l and horsepower output from 280-450 per turbo, making them ideal for twin-turbo setups.

  • 10%+ gain in flow compared to traditional GT compressor designs
  • 10%+ higher pressure ratio
  • Forged, fully machined wheels
  • 11 full-blade design for improved efficiency
  • Outline-interchangeable with GT series turbos