In race engine applications where RPM levels tend to live in the northern hemisphere, many different components play integral roles in the survival or failure of the power plant over time. One of these key ingredients is the harmonic damper, which rectifies the crankshaft in V8 and larger engines acting as a sort of torsional spring at high RPM’s that can create unwanted vibrations and, over time, possible failure.

Taking damper technology to the next level, Fluidampr unveiled their all-new CT Gold dampers at the SEMA Show for small and big block Chevrolet crankshafts and targeted for use in drag racing and circle track applications. The CT Gold damper employs Fluidampr’s new centering technology that is specifically designed for race engines to improve these torsional vibrations above 6,000 RPM.

This design is superior to elastomeric dampers and allows the crankshaft to be balanced with the Fluidampr CT Gold mounted on the crankshaft. As well, it allows the inertia ring to remain centered in the housing cavity when the damper is static. This damper does not need to be rebuilt nor does it ever need to be retuned.

  • Targeted at drag racing and circle track applications
  • Designed for small block and big block Chevrolet crankshafts
  • Patented centering technology improves control of torsional vibrations above 6,000 RPM
  • Outperforms and outlast elastomeric dampers
  • Crankshaft can be balanced with the damper installed