SEMA 2011: FAST’s Control Kits Make Transplating LS Engines Easy

12 Different Options

FAST offers 12 different options that include everything from fuel systems, intake manifolds, and transmission controllers to accompany the EZ-EFI and XIM ignition module.

Unless you have been living in a cave the last 4-5 years, then you know that transplanting LS engines in anything from Porsches to sand rails has made GM’s latest small block an extremely popular engine.  While they can be very affordable and offered in a variety of different power levels, they are still a complex engine to control, which can make transplanting into other vehicles a chore.

FAST has introduced a full line of kits to help aid in transplanting America’s popular small bock.  The heart of all the kits are FAST’s EZ-EFI and XIM ignition control module.  The EZ-EFI fuel injection system comes with all the needed hardware to connect to the LS’s sensors, and includes a wide band O2 that continuously monitors and tunes the engine without any programming knowledge from the user.  The programmable XIM ignition control module hooks directly up to the factory coil packs and crank trigger to keep all the cylinders correctly firing.

From there, the kits can include everything from a new FAST intake manifold with fuel rails and injectors, internal and external fuel pumps, and even a EZ-TCU that will control all late model computer controlled GM automatic transmissions.

Kit Options Include:

• Engine kit (EZ-EFI and XIM)
• Engine Kit with inline fuel pump
• Engine kit with in tank fuel pump
• Engine kit with TCU
• Engine kit with TCU & inline fuel pump
• Engine kit with TCU and in tank fuel pump
• Engine and manifold kit
• Engine and manifold kit with inline fuel pump
• Engine and manifold kit with in tank fuel pump
• Engine and manifold kit with TCU
• Engine and manifold kit with TCU and inline fuel pump
• Engine and manifold kit with TCU and in tank fuel pump

An optional RT intake manifold with cable driven throttle body is part of the optional package.

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