Eaton’s supercharger components are the technology of choice for GM’s factory-blown engines, as well as being chosen by Roush, Magnuson, Edelbrock, and Harrop for their aftermarket supercharger packages. There’s a good reason for that – efficiency. In a perfect world, 100 percent of the energy used to turn the supercharger’s lobes would end up creating airflow, but the reality is that all compressors are inefficient to some degree, and a traditional Roots blower can throw away as much as 50% of the power it consumes in the form of heat.

The Twin Vortices Series patented design uses four-lobe rotors with a 160 degree twist, and high-flow inlet and outlet ports. These features combine to increase the overall thermal efficiency of the design to as high as 75% across a wide operating range. Better thermal efficiency means less power is necessary to move the same amount of air (and therefore more goes into turning the Earth beneath your car) and less heat goes into the airstream.

The TVS’ lower intake air temperatures lead to higher potential boost without detonation, which is the key to a long and happy life for your boosted engine. The twisted lobe design also helps smooth the delivery of air to the intake manifold, which makes for a quieter, smoother-running blower.