We all know that loud exhausts are awesome, but not everyone feels the same way. Your neighbors (and the local cops) might not appreciate the sound of your engine quite as much as they should, so mufflers always end up being a compromise between what we want (power and sound) and what we need to avoid unwanted attention from the HOA and Johnny Law. Even at the track, keeping noise levels down is worthwhile – as homes encroach on the drag racer’s natural habitat, sometimes it takes a little compromise to keep the general public happy and the dragstrip open.

DynoMax has figured out a way to accomplish both goals without serious compromise through their new VT (Valve Technology) muffler. It’s an “on demand” system that provides straight through flow when the throttle is pinned, with quiet operation at part throttle. A pressure-sensitive spring loaded valve flap located inside the muffler stays shut at idle and part throttle, but as pressure in the exhaust rises, it swings open to allow unrestricted flow.

The VT series mufflers are 100% welded stainless steel construction, with slotted end bushings and a straight-through continuous perforated tube core. Continuous Roving Fiberglass provides sound absorption, and the mufflers carry a limited lifetime warranty and a 90 day performance and sound guarantee, so there’s no reason not to try them out. Your right foot AND the nice people next door will thank you.