Burnouts are fun, but how about a burnout that you can turn into a rave?  If you are looking to be different when it comes to rolling up at your next visit to the dragstrip or maybe some of those “lesser legal” spots, the TCI Universal Burnout Kit might be what you are looking for.

The kit is inspired by Zex’s rapid fire nitrous purge and incorporates a lot of the same parts.  It utilizes TCI’s RollStop plus rapid pulse LED lights.  The kit installs inline with your front brakes.  To operate, hold the brake pedal down firmly, then engage the RollStop mechanism with built-in solenoid via the supplied push button, release the brake pedal and mash the throttle.  The RollStop will keep your front wheels locked while the pulsating LEDs (might only need one if you have a one wheel peel differential) will illuminate your tire smoke.

The Universal Illuminated Burnout kit can be installed with virtually any brake system and includes a precision micro-switch that releases the front brake and can be installed anyhere in the car.  The precision solenoid valve can withstand 3,000 psi of pressure and draws only one amp of current.

• Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum
• Kit includes TCI Universal RollStop plus LEDs; kit includes solenoid, mircoswitch, red powder coated switch mounting bracket, in-line fuse connector, and mounting hardware
• Universal design works with virtually any brake system