Auto Meter’s New Prestige and Street Rod Series Gauges

There’s little argument that Auto Meter is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of precision automotive instrumentation. So when enough enthusiasts voice interest in a particular style, you can surely bet that Auto Meter will not only deliver, but do so in spades. At their booth, Auto Meter had their two new style gauge series on display: the Prestige and Street Rod series.

The Prestige Series are designed to be the ultimate in vintage, classic styling with arrow-styled needles and period-correct looking font. That, and each of the Prestige Series is available with either Black Diamond or Antique Ivory faces. But these gauges just aren’t for looks. Auto Meter has also infused these with lots of technology including illuminated faces and needles, one-touch speedometer calibration, domed windows, chrome bezels, full-sweep mechanical movements, and the very best in accuracy and precision.

For the hot rodders and tuners who love the same accuracy and dependability, Auto Meter’s Street Rod gauges come in a variety of colors and fonts including Arctic White, Designer Black, Old Tyme White, and Antique Beige. Not only that, but Auto Meter also offers a collection of dual gauges helping save precious dash space. And of course, all Auto Meter gauges are designed, manufactured and calibrated here in the United States.

  • Several face and LED color options
  • All American made, assembled and serviced
  • Highest quality, accuracy and precision

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