Automotive enthusiasts go to great lengths and expenses to create and generate big horsepower for their vehicles, and some of that power can easily be lost with a poor-flowing air filter. None of us want this, and so your filter should every bit as important as your rotating components if you want the most from your engine. A plethora of options exist on the market, including oiled and non-oiled filters.

At SEMA, AIRAID is featuring their new Synthamax, non-oiled filters designed for all of the late model, domestic rear wheel drive performance cars on the market. Among those on display are a filter setup for the 2011 5.0L Mustang, as well as that for Dodge Charger SRT8. Models for the new Camaro SS, along with Chrysler’s HEMI-powered lineup are also available.

These filters are of a two-layer, 100% synthetic design with a 99% efficiency rate, and can be easily cleaned with household detergents or water for ease of maintenance. They sport an iconic red cotton appearance that maintain their clean look even after multiple washings, which with dependability in mind, only need to be serviced every 15,000-30,000 miles, depending on the environment.

  • Non-oiled design
  • Two-layer, 100% synthetic with a 99% efficiency rate
  • Red cotton appearance gives that classic filter look