SEMA 2011: Steele Rubber – Over 12,000 Authentic Rubber Products

We won’t make a product unless we have the original to form a mold from

If you have been involved in any restoration job, you know how difficult it can be to find all the time authentic materials. These hard to find parts can be extremely frustrating and time consuming for someone performing a restoration. If and when you do find the parts, you run the risk of them not lining up correctly on your ride.

Some of the hard to find pieces believe it or not can be the rubber products that came from the factory. But at SEMA 2011, we were reminded just how good a stop Steele Rubber products is if you are looking for rubber products. Steele Rubber has over 12,000 products that are all licensed and all original. “We won’t make a product unless we have the original to form a mold from,” explained VP of Marketing Eric Saltrick.

Based out of Denver, North Carolina, Steele Rubber products is not only the manufacture but they are also the seller. “Being the Manufacture and seller presents us with a great opportunity,” said Saltrick.” We are able to constantly tweak products, and are able to almost always get the product shipped on the day it is ordered. It is not real sexy, and it’s not real exciting, but its really important to all the cars here to be sealed up and protected, and that’s what we do.”

They offer everything from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. “A lot of companies will just make the important things like the windshield gasket, the trunk seal, and the bigger parts that everybody needs,” Saltrick went on to explain to us. ” But we make everything, we’ll make the hood bumpers, the pedal pads, we make everything!”

Don’t let the rubber be the last thing you think of when you are doing your restoration. Make sure you check out Steele Rubber products to ensure that your ride is completely sealed off from the elements.

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