PRI 2012: Ron Francis Wiring, 24/7 Panel And iStart

Wiring is something that many customizers and builders dread. This part of a project can be daunting, with what seems like miles of unending spaghetti, wiring a project is sometimes an unnerving proposition.

Founded in 1974, Ron Francis Wiring began primarily as a company dealing in harnesses and parts for Street Rods. They offer high quality kits made with individually labeled cross link wire. They also offer high level technical support to all of their customers to help with the installation process and can custom tailor many of their products to fit your particular build needs.

Two products that caught our eye at PRI included the 24/7 wiring system. This panel holds 24 fuses and up to seven relays. It eases not only trouble shooting for blown fuses but also adding additional equipment.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Attachment: Allows you to “stick” the panel under the dash or other panel and easily pull it out to check fuses.
  • 24 Fuses: Just try using them all.
  • 7 Relays: Again, try coming up with a need for that on your next project.
  • LED Compatible: RFW can set these up for LED lighting compatibility.
  • Easy Expandability: Expansion of the system is done through simple plug in connections.
  • Steering Column: Can be configured to almost any column you plan to use.

Another product that we found extremely cool was their iStart system. Newer cars like Chevy’s Corvette and some Cadillac models use this technology already, even the Toyota Camry has it. Simply walk up to your car with the fob on yourself and as soon as it reaches close proximity the doors unlock, walk away and they lock. Starting and accessory operation is all handled via a single push button just like many OEM systems. The system will also not operate if the fob is not within range.

The iStart is available separately or with any of RFW’s harnesses. As a bonus if you order iStart with your harness RFW will pre-wire much of the iStart system for you.

RFW makes products for street rods, musclecars, race cars and customs. Check them out online or give them a call at (800) 292-1940 to find out more about what they offer and how they can help you for your build.

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