PRI 2017: Turn One’s New GM Type II Steering Pump Conversion for LQ9

The factory steering pump that came as an accessory with your LQ9 equipped car, or as a part of your swap, was not exactly designed for high-performance use. Truth be told, the majority of OEM/stock systems are designed with reduced effort as the number one priority. The older Saginaw P pump power steering pumps were pretty big offenders of robbing power as they pushed large volumes of fluid that converted this excess effort into temperatures that would create hot fluid.

Years later, the Type II power steering pump would come along, which flows about 5 gallons of fluid per minutes less than the Saginaw P pump, therefore reducing temperature and decreasing power waste. While the horsepower differences in using each pump as in the single digits, who wants to lend excess power to their power steering system? Turn One has the solution when every single bit of horsepower counts, upgrade to a Type II system.

Their new kits, set to be released in January of 2018, have everything you need to convert your LQ9 power steering system to the better Type II system. They offer a direct replacement for the stock Saginaw P pump, with zero modifications required to the factory bracket. This conversion kit will fit directly into the factory accessory drive, and even uses the factory belt.

It is made from CNC-machine billet aluminum, and uses -6 AN high-pressure fittings and -10 An inlet fittings. The kit contains all needed mounting bolts, the bracket, power steering pump, and pulley.

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