PRI 2017: Big Brakes Offer Affordable Stopping Power

Baer XTR

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line brake caliper upgrade for your next project vehicle, Baer Brakes has a new monoblock system that may just fit your build without breaking the bank. The XTR is the company’s flagship offering and features a forged monoblock caliper that can clamp a 14- or 15-inch, two-piece rotor.

Baer XTR Features

Baer XTR

• Bolt-in bridge or quick change pad retainer

• Stainless crossover pipe

• Optional titanium piston cap

• Two-piece pistons with aluminum main body

• Wide range of piston sizes

• Modeled with the latest FEA software

“Our Baer XTR is an upgrade to our Baer 6S caliper and can be ordered with a bolt-in bridge or a quick-change pad retainer,” said Mark Fowler, Technical Sales at Baer.

These XTR brake calipers use state-of-the-art race technology that is typically found in more expensive race calipers, and Baer delivers a system that fits a wide range of piston configurations.

“Our XTR system features a stainless crossover pipe and can be built with the optional titanium piston cap to reduce weight,” Mark added. “It is designed to fit many of the popular pad shapes and compounds on the market so you can go from a normal street build all the way to full-race in no time at all.”

For more information on the entire lineup of Baer products, you can visit the company’s official website here.

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