ERL Performance is well-known for their engine support for the LS platform, with their Superdeck systems lending considerable strength gains to an already stout platform. Racers like LSFest overall winner Mike Dusold have found great success with this system.

We stopped by the booth at PRI 2016 to see what’s new, and Andres Vivanco filled us in on the latest in ERL blocks.

“We’ve done a lot with the LS platform, we’ve taken the stock block from stock capabilities to the ability to handle 900 horsepower on the street, 1,200 horsepower on the street or strip, 2,000 horsepower on the half-mile,” Vivanco recalled.


“This is the next level, with the LT platform we can do the same thing that we’ve done with the LS platform. We can dry-sleeve the block for up to 900 hp, we can superdeck the block, we can do a 6-bolt setup – in fact we now have 6-bolt heads.”

With the new LT range of engines out from Chevrolet everyone is looking to capitalize on the potential of direct injection With horsepower goals skyrocketing, the aftermarket supply of blocks has to keep up. In the booth on display was one example of this increasing enthusiasm for the LT.


“We have a few cars that are going to be making some noise soon, one of them is this red Corvette of Justin Keith from Streetcar Takeover. It’s a C7 with a 427 ERL motor, it still has the factory heads but it’s got our o-ring system, anytime you go over 1,300 horsepower it’s a must. It has all forged internals, a dry sleeve setup and a superdeck setup,” Vivanco explained.

“We do the dowel billet main caps, so that’s the same as the LS, they’re are a little different animal. The block itself is a little stronger, it’s a strong platform to begin with and after we’re done with it, it’s basically bullet-proof,” he concluded.