PRI 2015: Scoggin Dickey Rolls Out The Crate LT4, Accessories

The LT engine series represents GM’s latest in engine technology. Although it’s not been in production for much more than a year, GM’s LT4 engine represents the most powerful production short-block to ever sit between the fenders of a new Corvette. For enthusiasts who can’t afford the price tag of a new C7 Z06, there’s an alternative, putting this high-tech mill into your favorite muscle or performance car and having as much as humanly possible, courtesy of this 650 horsepower small-block marvel.

GM is releasing the LT4 for additional public consumption as a Chevrolet Performance crate engine. We spoke with Keith Wilson of Scoggin Dickey Parts Center (SDPC) about this upcoming engine release, and what it means for enthusiasts and his company. “These engines just shipped this week,” says Wilson, who also tells us SDPC has customers anxiously awaiting these for project car builds this winter.

“The LT4 offers many of the same great features as the LT1, but it has a forged rotating assembly, 356 T6 rotocast aluminum heads which are super robust. The engine retains splayed valving, direct injection, and all the other architecture that is inherent to the LT engine family,” says Wilson. As Wilson also points out however, where the power really comes from is the Eaton based 1,900cc supercharger, built to GM specifications and boosting the LT4’s performance by nearly 200 horsepower over its LT1 sibling.

GM is looking to make LT engine family swaps as easy as the LS engine swaps have been for the past decade-and-a-half. Wilson says, “If you’ve ever installed a GM LS crate engine you know how easy the controller kit can make the installation. The same thing is the case with the new LT engines. A lift pump is the only real difference between installing this and a LS. The lift pump is an electronic fuel pump that supplies fuel to the mechanical pump for the direct injection system.

Wilson says there are multiple front engine accessory drive options available through SDPC as well. “This engine can accommodate installations in various older cars.”

We have all the ancillary parts to go with the installation of this engine to make it a great installation. -Keith Wilson, Scoggin Dickey Parts Center

Chevrolet Performance is offering this engine in two part numbers, PN 19332621 for wet sump applications, which Wilson says utilizes a Cadillac CTS-V oil pan, and PN 19332702 for dry sump applications, which will require the use of a C7 Z06 oil tank, but will also allow for an even wider range of application fitments for this engine.

SDPC can offer all parts enthusiasts need to install from the controller kit and accessory drive components to hoses, plumbing, etc. “We have all the ancillary parts to go with the installation of this engine to make it a great installation,” Wilson says.

Wilson says that GM plans to make this engine readily available with enough supply to keep up with demand. He also says that when compared to the cost of the LS9 crate engine, the LT1 offers an excellent value.

LT4 crate engines are shipping now, and available from SDPC.

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