PRI 2015: EFILive Unlocks The Potential of GM Gas Vehicles

A LS-powered Factory Five GTM supercar in the EFILive booth at the 2015 PRI show.

Aftermarket tuning for EFI has been around since the late 1980s or early 1990s, depending on who you talk to. We’ll spare you the history lesson, but suffice it to say that plenty has changed in the tuning world in the last 30 years. Todays tuning world is made up of a number of handheld devices marketed to the average enthusiast. However, for those looking to tune GM gas and diesel engines, as well as some Dodge diesels at a truly professional level, EFILive has one of the most advanced tuning solutions on the market.

The FlashScan V2 is not your over the parts counter handheld tuner. This is an extremely powerful tuning device.

At the 2015 PRI Show, we had an opportunity to participate in an EFILive gasoline tuning seminar. Quite simply, we were blown away by the capability and support that EFILive offers. With EFILive, tuners can create truly custom files, tailored specifically to their client’s needs. This is not tuning for the faint at heart, and EFILive requires that operator to have a familiarity with tuning, automotive diagnostics, drivability, and even basic mechanical operations before they ever touch a key.

EFILive’s two primary devices are the FlashScan V2 and the AutoCal. The FlashScan V2 is the primary device used by most tuners, while the AutoCal is a simpler device in its operation and can be sold to individual customers. The AutoCal can be locked to a specific vehicle, and the tune files secured, ensuring that end users don’t tamper with the work the tuner of origin created or that tunes are not stolen. Additionally, the AutoCal offers tuners the ability to send customers remote updates via email, so if a change is made, or an update available for a tune, a tuner can send it to the customer easily. EFI Live also offers an exceptional hardware value to tuners, and right now the company is offering a special on its hardware through December 22, 2015.

EFILive offers multiple methods for manipulating, smoothing, and viewing tables and other information, including data logging with multiple playback display options, 3D, linear, and table views of table data, and much more.

EFI Live also has a vast support community available for its tuners. The EFILive forum is packed full of information and helpful users. The users comprise a group of experienced tuners, who are often willing and able to help others out with advice, suggestions, and help getting a troublesome tune straightened out.

We took an in-depth look at EFILive hardware and software last spring, and you can find that information here. If you’re already an EFILive tuner, or interested in becoming one, if you’re a shop that it serious about GM diesel, or EFI tuning, EFILive is worth checking out.

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