PRI 2013: Viking Performance Drops The Hammer On Suspension Products

Viking-04Viking Performance continues its campaign to deliver some of the most progressive and high quality suspension products in the game. We dropped by their booth at this year’s PRI to catch up and follow up with what they have in store for the new year. One of the awesome things about PRI is that when reviewing products for the coming year its nice to know that its only a couple weeks away! Nothing better than finding out about a new product and learning that the release date is sooner than you think. Check out what Viking Performance has to offer within its arsenal of slick suspension systems:

Viking-03Progressive Valved Shocks

  • Unique. patent pending system available first quarter of 2014
  • Choose from a variety of progressive valve ranges
    • Choose a soft adjustment range for the ultimate comfort ride
    • Choose an extreme high force range for drag racing, road racing, dirt late model, and other applications where high forces are required
    • Multiple other valving ranges available
  • All shocks are double adjustable with 22 positions of independent compression and rebound adjustment – no bleed over

Smooth Body Shocks For Lowered Vehicles

  • Engineered specifically for cars lowered 1 1/2-inches or more
  • Shock body length is maximized to optimize suspension travel in a lowered suspension package
  • Available for most Viking Performance vehicle applications

New Shock Mounting Options

  • 1 1/4-inch wide bearing option now available (same width as poly bushings). These feature a 5/8-inch I.D. bore and includes a 1/2-inch sleeve
  • T-bar bearing mount now available for GM front coilovers (“A” series), “C” and “D” series shocks
  • Additional lengths now available in “C” and “D” series custom mount shocks. Maximize stroke without increasing compressed height

As you can see Viking Performance is fortified with a variety of offerings set for the beginning of 2014. Whether you’re looking for shocks with adaptability as the key focus or ones that compliment the stance of your ride, Viking has got it! Now, if that weren’t enough Viking saved their heavy artillery for last. Their Berserker Active Shock Management system will surely bring down the walls.

Viking-01Berserker ASM

  • The active shock management (ASM) allows for self-adjusting up to 1,000 times per second
  • Viking Berserker ASM is a patented smart suspension management system and is the only aftermarket active shock system.
  • Shock valving automatically adapts to driving style, road/track conditions, and more
  • Utilizes hydraulic shocks with computer-controlled, electrically actuated valving
  • Data acquired by the Berserker ASM can be downloaded by the user for further analysis
  • Fully automatic or may be tuned by the user for type of racing and track conditions
  • An optional upgrade allows advanced unlimited tuning, as well as suspension data acquisition for drag racing, autocross, road racing, or other applications via a laptop plug in or a soon to be released smart phone app
  • Built in bump stop to prevent the shocks from topping or bottoming out Automatically adjusts to absorb potholes, speed bumps, rough terrain, wheel stands, and so on.

The system fits a variety of muscle cars and hot rods. It is is also available in universal lengths and mounts. There is a controller for each shock plus a master controller. Depending on application, the valves are either remote-mounted for clearance around chassis and suspension components, or piggybacked onto the shock body.Viking-02

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