PRI 2013: Street Demon 625 and 750 CFM Carbs

Carburetors hark back to a simpler time in the world of automotive progress, when a man could tune his car with nothing more than a coffee can full of miscellaneous parts and a screwdriver. Unfortunately, what wasn’t simple about carburetors back in the day was getting all those adjustments right. Wide open throttle power is only a tiny slice of the pie – getting good cold and hot starts, a stable idle, smooth throttle transitions, and all around drivability from a carburetor can require a little dark magic.

That’s where Demon Fuel Systems’ new Street Demon carburetors come in – that witchcraft is engineered right in. A single-inlet design simplifies plumbing, and a true no-leak fuel bowl puts all the gaskets above the level of the liquid, with no plugged passages to potentially leak. The dual mounting pattern means they will fit just about any popular 4-barrel manifold, and they’re designed to be “run ready” right out of the box.


Small primary bores insure an excellent vacuum signal for off-idle throttle response, while the patented Goggle Valve secondaries offer huge airflow capability for top end performance. For those looking for some underhood sex appeal, they’re available with a hand polished finish in place of the ball-burnished standard aluminum, and a polymer fuel bowl is also optional, offering as much as a 20 degree F reduction in fuel temperatures.

With both 625 and 750 CFM versions on tap, the Street Demon offers no-hassle performance for classic musclecar owners who would rather spend time driving instead of swapping jets and messing with air bleeds.

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