PRI 2013: Racetech’s 119 Series Race Seats Are Ready for Action

Over the course of more than twenty years, Racetech has been doing fantastic work in providing cutting edge in racing seats. Everyone from drag racers to off-roaders have enjoyed the comfort, styling, and durability of their products, and the company’s 119 Series lineup will impress even the most discerning enthusiast.

Brian Oleshak, Racetech National Sales Manager, was on hand to address our questions about the 119 Series, which is comprised of two seats at the moment: the 4119HRW, and the 9119HR. We focused on the 4119HRW.

“The 4119HRW is our premium race seat. It’s a manufactured from composite or reinforced kevlar-carbon fiber, with full containment provided by the squared-off shoulders and head restraint. The squared-off shoulders help envelope the upper torso of the human body and the shoulders, so it keeps you contained inside impact protection.”

“What this does in a side impact, it makes your shoulders and upper torso absorb the impact instead of your ribs and kidneys.”

The 119 series accepts a variety of mounting configurations, from bottom mounts, to a very cool rear roll-bar tie in. “Additional reinforcement on the back are designed to have the seat tied into the roll cage making the seat part of the chassis, so it firms up the upper half of the seat and keeps your body in place.”

For comfort, Racetech offers the seat in multitude of configurations: standard, wide and tall, and tall, covering several body types. Also, the seat offers a lower back cooling duct helping to ward off summertime sweating and fatigue while the driver waits in the staging lanes, or a longer ride on the road course.

Oleshak went on to confirm that the seat’s rigorous testing has proven its effectiveness at meeting the safety objectives, whether it was in the lab or out in the field. FIA-approved and ready for racing, these seats should prove a big hit among enthusiasts of all stripes.

As a matter of fact it looks as though our very own drag car, BlownZ, is going to be receiving one of these seats sometime during the coming year. We’ll be sure let you know how it goes.

To see more, check out Racetech’s website and Facebook page. We’ve got plenty more to bring you from the 2013 PRI Show, so stay tuned here for the latest in hardcore race parts.

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