Three years ago, Ross McCombs and his Quick Time brand joined forces with the expansive Accel Performance Group to further advance McCombs’ expansive lineup of high performance and racing bellhousings, and the result has been one of, if not the most complete line of bellhousings on the market, with products to accomodate virtually any transmission and engine make/model or drivetrain swap one can imagine.

We can match any transmission to any engine. It doesn’t matter if it came off a Ford and it’s going on a Chevrolet. We’ve got thre ability to change the backplate to anything we want. – Russ McCombs

“We can match any transmission to any engine,” says McCombs. “It doesn’t matter if it came off a Ford and it’s going on a Chevrolet. We’ve got the ability to change the backplate to anything we want.”

Quick Time has domestic vehicles virtually covered, and has worked to do likewise with an extensive range of import vehicles, including 2JZ’s, RX7’s, and the like, allowing for mismatched swaps to domestic transmissions behind foreign engines. Tremec, Liberty, G-Force, and other racing-style transmissions are also part of the lineup that Quick Time offers bellhousing options for.

“Some transmission manufacturers have their own custom bolt patterns, and we don’t stock all of the different patterns, but we have the ability to remove the plate and use the bell as a donor bell and outfit it with a matching plate.

The bellhousings on display here at PRI include a prototype part that Quick Time has developd for NASCAR, ARCA, and Late Models, along with an SFI 6.1 drag racing bell for small block Fords that features bolt patterns in the plate for T5’s, a TKO, or a 3550. The third bell is designed for use with small or big block Chevrolets, with a Gen-1 Chevy pattern that will fit a wide range of transmissions.

DSC_4495All of Quick Time’s bellhousings are manufactured from spun steel. Utilzing spun steel, the bellhousing exhibits more than twice the strength of a hydroformed bell, in the area of 85,000 psi after work-hardening, while coming in at roughly 20 pounds, give or take a couple of pounds depending on the application. This is about half the weight of a typical hydroformed bellhousing.

You’re at twice the strength and about half the weight, so it was a no-brainer for us when we began making bellhousings,” says McCombs. Because of the spinning, it remains concentric under heat and torque, so if you put heat and torque back to it, it maintains it’s shape. It’s just a superior part.”

In all, Quick Time has more than 300 different models that they stock, and with all of the available bolt patterns, boasts more than 4,200 different applications.

To learn more about Quick Time and their broad range of bellhousing offerings to fit almost any concoction of engine and transmission imaginable, visit them on the web at accel-ignition.com.