PRI 2013: Moduline Makes The Storage Solutions Gearheads Want

Whether you own a shop, are looking to outfit your home garage, or need a storage solution for your race trailer, Moduline has a a high-quality solution to fit your needs. These high end cabinets were originally designed for the racing industry but have found their way into the garages of enthusiasts and even military applications.

The cabinets have a high-end appearance and at PRI Moduline was showing off their new patent-pending Quick Draw latch system. This ingenious design allows cabinets to be easily opened simply by lifting up on the handle. However, the design also keeps the cabinets securely closed in a situation such as a mobile environment. Individual latches on each side ensure the cabinets stay closed even when the ride gets rough, “In a mobile environment things get jolted, or the cabinet is mounted improperly and one side becomes loose, one side will keep the cabinet shut, from a safety perspective this means everything stays in place,” says Moduline’s Tim Cass. The design also moves the latches all the way to the edges of the drawers allowing Moduline to maximize the available drawer space.

Getting Graphic

Moduline has partnered with Panther Graphics to create custom wraps, should owners desire a unique appearance for their cabinets. This allows for a nearly endless array of options in how the cabinets in a garage, shop or trailer will appear.

Modular System

Moduline is a fully modular storage system that is made up of cabinets, tool storage, closets, and more. “We can configure any system whether it’s six-feet or six-hundred feet, we can customize a cabinet system to fit it,” says Cass. Owners can also choose their countertop type from aluminum, stainless steel, or butcher’s block made by Bally’s in Pennsylvania. Moduline can even incorporate sinks, trash receptacles, and other component into their systems.

Moduline cabinets are made in the USA and the company is focused on customer service and satisfaction. Their storage systems are backed up with a lifetime warranty. For more information visit Moduline’s web site.

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