PRI 2013: M&H Pushes The Evolution Of Tire Technology

M&H-02There are moments throughout the history of the automobile that are truly special. Instances of evolution, from drum brakes to discs, and in the world of tires bias ply to radial, these technological improvements both stimulate the aftermarket and improve the automotive experience.

We were excited to finally check out M&H’s new Camber Radial Drag tires that we’re sure people have heard about throughout the last few months. With this line of tires, M&H has ushered in the proverbial watershed moment in terms of tire evolution for IRS vehicles.

M&H-03These tires have two degrees of camber built into the tread and will revolutionize the game for those using independent rear suspension on the drag strip. Compensation for the squat of a vehicle at launch is obviously one of the biggest benefits. Not only does it maintain a level traction patch, these camber radials ensure even wearing of treading, improved vehicle stability, longer tire life and reduced rolling resistance.

Currently, these tires are sized at 245/40R18 and 245/45R17 and are a convenient fit for most modern sports cars requiring no major modifications. M&H is currently working to provide more sizing options for the near future. The new M&H Camber Radial Drag tires are DOT approved and work well for rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and all-wheel drive applications.

Be sure to check out the video above if you haven’t yet to learn more about M&H. You can also visit their homepage to learn more about their product offerings and to stay up to date on those new sizing options for the Camber Radials.M&H-01

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