PRI 2013: Kooks Custom Headers, An Aftermarket Original

Kooks-10We met up with Chris Clark, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kooks Custom Headers out at this year’s PRI Show. He explained the history of the company, the versatility of their product, and their willingness to share that build knowledge with others out there for their new 2014 “build your own” header initiative.

For over three generations Kooks Custom Headers has been a name stay within the performance aftermarket automotive industry. With a rich history, drive to innovate, and willingness to share their wealth of knowledge, Kooks has the recipe for that perfect set of headers to match any motor or application out there. Be sure to check out the video above to see what the folks at Kooks have on the stove for the coming year.Kooks-09

Brief History Of Papa Kook And The Boys

It all started with one man’s passion for high octane, the smell of burnt rubber and hot asphalt – Kooks Custom Headers was the product of George Kook’s love for drag racing and his first set of garage-built headers for the family race car. Throughout the late ’50s Kook competed at many drag strips and consequently his talent as a custom header fabricator garnered a lot of attention from local racers. For the last 50 years Kooks has risen as a leading manufacturer of custom headers geared towards the racing and performance market.Kooks-02

Custom Headers, The Options Are Limitless

One of the highlights of the company, as mentioned in our video above, is Kooks Custom Headers’ willingness to share its build knowledge and specs with its customers, be they individuals or businesses. The mission of Kooks is provide the very best resources and parts to those in need of the perfect header/exhaust and motor pairing. Check out some of their product highlights:

  • Kooks-08Stainless Steel 3/8-inch thick flanges
  • Stainless Steel hand made merge collectors
  • Multi layer aluminum gasket sets
  • Oxygen sensor extension kits
  • Many different sizes and configurations

Be sure to visit the Kooks Custom Headers homepage for details on specific vehicle applications. This is an excerpt from their homepage detailing their service: “Kooks is your one stop for every header or exhaust component need. We are capable of mandrel bent tubing services, welding, forming, notching, burning and custom flanges, producing specialty collectors and even have our own line of racing mufflers and tips.”Kooks-01

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