AN wrenchJodar Performance, Race Part Solutions‘ in-house brand, has a lot of innovative products and specializes in those hard to find and often overlooked high performance racing tools and components that make fabrication easier.

-12 AN distribution blockWith commonly available fuel filters and distribution blocks maxing out at -10 AN, Jodar Performance’s fuel components are stepping it up to a larger size. “We’ve expanded our fuel distribution components with -12 AN Y-blocks and fuel filters, along with all our other components like injector bungs and specialized fuel fittings,” stated John Kerr of Jodar Performance.

With the introduction of -12 AN fuel distribution components, fuel system options for drivers with high horsepower engines that demand a lot of fuel have opened up immensely. Instead of running two or more -8 AN lines for a fuel system, a single -12 AN line can be used to distribute fuel while also eliminating clutter and confusion.

Another couple of cool innovative parts from Jodar Performance are their blow-off valves. They have a 50mm and 104mm blow-off valve that are great for high horsepower and tight spaces, and help eliminate clutter without reducing flow. “The 50mm blow off valve is very compact, making it a great option for tight engine bays where there isn’t a lot of clearance,” explains Kerr. “The 104mm BOV can replace smaller dual singles and still keep enough flow capacity.”

The MD104 blow-off valve was designed and built for use on centrifugally blown 2500+ horsepower motors, while the 50mm blow-off valve is intended for lower horsepower applications and the budget-minded racer. in fact, Lashway Motorsports is using the MD104 on their turbocharged C7 Corvette Stingray. Enjoy the beautiful sound of that LT1 engine and turbo in perfect harmony and check out Jodar Performance’s website for more product and information!