PRI 2013: JET Performance’s Programmers for GM and Ford Vehicles

JET-PRI-100JET Performance is giving performance enthusiasts what they’ve been asking for: an all-around, modern tuner. The Performance Programmer, which covers 1996 and newer Ford and GM vehicles, distinguishes itself from the competition with loads of sweet features to make your car shine on the track.

Corbin West was on hand to answer our questions. He told us that drivers of the Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, and more can expect to see and feel some terrific enhancements.

“Basically, we’re going to give you added options in there that our old programmers didn’t have. Exhaust, intake, and updated custom tuning are just some of the newest features to give you more choices and accessibility.”

“In addition, we’ve included stuff like shift points, shift firmness, and rev limiter settings. The programmer also doubles as a scan tool, so you can clear any trouble code and save yourself some time and money.”

West was also able to give us some numbers for a couple of the mainstream GM engines: “A stock 5.3, which pretty much everybody’s running today…can expect a boost of about 15 horsepower and 17 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels. Or if we’re talking about the 6.2L, with bolt-on performance intake and exhaust parts, we’ll see those numbers jump up to about 19 horsepower and 22 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels.”

For the Ford crowd, users of powerhouse applications like the venerable 7.3L Powerstroke can expect to see upwards of 100 horsepower, depending on the vehicle, thanks to five distinct performance levels available to the diesel engine. This would be in addition to all the aforementioned features, as well as the tuner’s ability to correct the speedometer for tire or gear changes, making it a must-have for truckers seeking to upgrade their old F-250 or Excursion, for example.

To find out more, stop by the JET Performance website and Facebook page. Then, when you’re finished, circle back here to stay updated with all the latest and greatest from this year’s PRI Show. There’s plenty more to come!

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