It easier than ever to make a lot of power. Twenty years ago a 400 horsepower street car was a big deal, now it’s less than what the OEMs are producing! This still holds true for classic muscle car owners as engine technology continues to advance. To make more power, you need more fuel and Fuelab has recently introduced a full line of in-tank pump kits.

At the heart of the Prodigy in-tank power module are two different DC brushless pumps designed to support either 1,000 or 1,800 horsepower. Being a brushless motor, controlling pump speed to minimize vapor lock is a ground switched wire lead away. Also, both pumps are able to be used with gasoline, methanol, ethanol, or diesel. Aftermarket standalones that feature a 1000Hz variable dwell time signal can hook up to the Prodigy pumps using that option.

Once a pump has been selected, there are two different installation kits to pick from. First, is a universal, Fabricator Series kit that uses a unique, sealed flange system to allow for multiple mounting options into steel or aluminum tanks and even fuel cells. Included in the kit is a 75 micron adjustable pickup with integrated stainless steel filter sock. Fuelab’s second installation kit is a direct bolt in pump solution designed specifically for 2005-09 Mustangs, with more direct fit kits coming soon.

The final package option is a wiring and plumbing kit. Other add-ons include a fuel pressure regulator and inline fuel filters.