PRI 2013: Fragola Debuts New Adapters, Nitrous Filters, and More

Fragola-PRI-105The folks at Fragola had some swell new stuff to show off here at PRI 2013. Among the fresh products, we had a chance to see and ask about the new adapter fittings for steel-braided hoses, fuel rails for Holley Ultra HPs, and nitrous filters.

One of the adapter fittings.

One of the adapter fittings.

We spoke with Jeff Stacy and Brent McClellan at the booth, who were able to share the features and benefits of these products. First up were the 6061 aluminum adapter fittings.

“These fittings were created to deal with issues where the hose ends and nuts are different sizes. Where one might have an issue between using a -10 AN fitting that needs to connect to a -8 AN, our adapters allow the user to forgo having to deal with three fittings and puts it all in one [package.]”

“We’re going to have them in reducing order–12 to 10, 10 to 8, 8 to 6–and expanding as well, going the other way. They’ll be available in straight, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 150-degree [configurations.], says McLellan.

“Let’s say there’s a guy who buys a race car and it’s not plumbed; he’s got some stuff laying around, and his fuel cell is a-10, and he has-8 line. He can now use that line to connect with his fuel cell thanks to our adapter fitting,” Stacy explained. The exact same style also carries over to the company’s push-lock hose variant, which is available in AN sizes 10-8 and 8-6 (90° only).

Ultra HP Fuel Rail

Next up was the fuel rail kit for Holley Ultra HP carburetors. Where the old HP used the crush ring style of mounting hoses, the new Ultra HP carbs use an O-ring.

The straight-oriented nitrous filters.

The straight-oriented nitrous filters.

Fragola’s kit will mesh perfectly with this new design for the HP carbs, while also staying lightweight. It uses a black nylon hose with a crimp-style fitting for the fuel rail to reduce weight.

Giggle-Gas Filters

Lastly, we took a look at the nitrous filter fittings. These looked especially promising, since they would permit racers and enthusiasts to monitor and maintain the filter without a lot of nonsense.

“Typically, you’ll find [the filter] on the pipe side. So you’d have to teflon tape up the pipe side and screw it into the nitrous solenoid. If you wanted to check if it had any debris on it, you would have to unscrew it out of the solenoid, take the tape out of it, check it, re-teflon tape it, and then screw it back in,” says Stacy.

Fragola-PRI-106Stacy continued to explain, “We went ahead and put the screen on the AN side. Now you can just unscrew the hose end, wipe it off, screw it back on, and you’re done.” You can own these filters in straight or 90-degree setups, and in AN-4 or AN-6 fittings. Available colors are red and blue, Stacy says that they’ve had this product for some time, and while it has never really been advertised it’s well known and popular with Fragola’s clients.

So count yourself lucky, reader, and be sure to visit Fragola’s website and Facebook page to check out more details about these and other great offerings. And stay tuned as we keep rolling out the coverage here at PRI 2013.

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