IMG_5108GRHear “New Zealand” and one of two things probably comes to mind: A chicken-sized, flightless bird (the Kiwi) native to that island nation, or “that place where they filmed all those hobbity movies.” For a country with a population of less than five million souls, though, New Zealand punches way above its weight class when it comes to high performance.

IMG_5109GRA great case in point is EFILive, a company best known for their extensive coverage of tuning solutions for late model GM vehicles. Their most recent FlashScan V2 PC-based scanning and tuning software covers everything from cars to trucks, 4-cylinder engines to V8’s, and even Duramax diesels – in fact, they even support GM’s new E39 and E78 ECM.

So it’s possible that if you are a well-informed LS enthusiast, you might be familiar with EFILive, or even have used their products yourself. But if you need more convincing of their tuning chops, consider the fact that Lingenfelter Performance Engineering relies on EFILive – you don’t get much better than that when it comes to an endorsement from those who are in-the-know about GM performance.

The newest development in the FlashScan V2 lineup is the ability to tune late model Dodge Cummins vehicles, and even switch between multiple tunes stored internally in the ECM via a rotary switch.

With a list price coming in well under a grand for a complete GM tuning solution, EFILive’s FlashScan V2 is everything you need to take control of your own tuning destiny.