For racers and tuners, having a dyno that can handle the torque the cars they’re testing put down is imperative. That’s where Dynocom’s 15,000 series dyno comes into play. This dyno is good for 15,000 ft-lbs of torque, 2,400-plus horsepower, and 240-plus mph. It’s also loaded with great features that make it a perfect fit for a variety of different shops.

The 15,000 series from Dynocom featuers:

  • 24-inch rollers
  • 102-inch track width
  • Four bearing system for dyno rollers
  • Fernelsa Eddy-current brake
  • Internal cooling fans
  • Built in LED lamp.
  • Safety rollers

“Just getting on the dyno is even easier with the 102-inch track width, the more room you have the easier it is to get the car on the dyno,” says Dynocom’s Allison Blackstein. “The four bearings reduce deflection, and these are Dodge heavy duty industrial bearings, designed for this type of use.”


Dynocom takes a lot of pride in their dyno software system. “Our system is repeatable within one percent so that way the tuner can be able to see all their different data points and the actual gains that they’re making. This allows them to use the dyno to their maximum advantage because they’re able to see and quantify their results,” says Dynocom’s Kyle LeBlanc.

This means that tuners can rely on the data that they’re getting from the dyno, and focus on making adjustments appropriately to their tunes. This also gives them accurate feedback on the changes they’re making, which ultimately can lead to better tuning capability.

Fewer Wires, More Control

Dnyocom also offers some unique hardware, including their recently introduced inductive pickup with boost sensor. This incorporates a boost sensor into the same module as the inductive pickup, meaning there are fewer wires to run under the hood.

The Dynocom handheld controller also offers the ability to operate all dyno functions from a single device, “This means you don’t have to use two separate computers, and makes running the dyno a truly one man operation,” says LeBlanc.

Dynocom offers a vast array of products that fit just about any shop, and any space constraints, including dynos that can be portable. For more information check out the Dynocom web-site or give them a call.