PRI 2013: Deatschwerks’ New GDI Injectors And Calibration Summaries

Deatschwerks-PRI-100What’s new and exciting from Deatschwerks? We’ve got the answer: GDI Injectors, soon to be available for Ford Ecoboost and GM LT1 engines. From C7 Vettes to heavy-hauling EcoBoost F-150s, these new GDI injectors will help revolutionize the performance industry.

As Deatschwerks Vice President of Sales Mike Deatsch, explained one of the limiting factors in tuning GDI engines has been the lack of a fuel injector upgrade. With the new GDI injectors from Deatschwerks, however, folks can expect to get 30-percent more fuel over the stock units.

These new GDI injectors were developed by Deatschwerks, and the company has patents pending. We fully expect to see these help achieve incredible new performance numbers in LT1 C7’s, and EcoBoost Ford’s when they’re released next year.

Data is Everything

Any tuner will tell you that the more data they have on the parts in a particular setup, the better than can tune a car. Deatschwerks spent about a year developing and verifying injector calibration summaries for their entire modern muscle car product line. “When you purchase a set of our injectors, what comes with them–which, in many cases, tuners find more valuable–is the tuning data,” says Deatsch.

“All of our modern muscle injectors have plug-and-play tuning data to get set up in your ECU…You can go right to our website, go to the Resources tab, find the GM or Ford calibrations, pick your injector part number, download an Excel spreadsheet, and the copy and paste the injector data you need for tuning right into the ECU tables.”

A screenshot of tuning data for the V6 Mustang, taken from the Deatschwerks website.

A screenshot of tuning data for the V6 Mustang, taken from the Deatschwerks website.

And that’s practically all you have to do, says Deatsch, aside from some tweaks here and there based on any particular tuner’s preferences. In essence, then, you’re saving time from having to find the proper combination, as well as money that would otherwise go towards hours of shop time devloping the injector data.

Calibration summaries are available for the company’s line of SFI injectors now, and they are developing the same information for their upcoming GDI Injectors as well.

To view more information, stop by the Deatschwerks website and Facebook page. When you’re finished, come here, we’re just getting started on our PRI coverage!

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