PRI 2013: Darton Adds MID Sleeves for LS Next, Coyote on the Way

IMG_5208GRIMG_5206GRWhen it was first introduced, Darton’s Modular Integrated Deck cylinder sleeve technology revolutionized the way blocks were upgraded – the MID design brought greatly increased strength along with vastly improved upper cylinder and deck cooling thanks to their patented features. Now, whether you’re running a high-revving import 4 cylinder or torquey domestic V8, chances are that Darton has an MID kit for your application.

Newest to the lineup are their sleeves for Dart Machinery’s LS Next block, which combines the strong points of traditional small block Chevy and modern LS series design. The MID sleeves, like others in the line, are a “wet” design with a modular layout, meaning that they are individually replaceable, potentially making a thrashed block salvageable when things go very, very wrong.

We got a chance to look at the LS Next MID sleeves at this year’s PRI show, as well as talk to Darton’s John Catapang, who gave us some insight into what’s on deck (pun intended) for the company. He explained that the next big new product will be MID sleeves for the Ford “Coyote” DOHC V8, which, in its short time on the street and racetrack, has proven to be a capable but occasionally fragile powerplant.

Darton also catalogs kits for LS-series engines and the Ford Modular V8 family.

Darton also catalogs kits for LS-series engines and the Ford Modular V8 family.

Working hand in hand with Ford Racing, Darton is developing a MID kit for the Coyote to meet the needs of the large-and-growing forced induction market, which has already found the limits of the stock block. Like the other applications before it, a MID-upgraded Coyote will offer improved longevity and durability under extreme conditions that mass-produced blocks with cast-in cylinder liners can’t match.


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