PRI 2013: COMP Cams’ Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters

Available in both needle bearing and bushing configurations, COMP Cams Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters are a great option for most racers and hardcore street cars alike. These new lifters are re-buildable upgrade over the Endure-X lifters but priced less than Elite Race versions. They are offered in two configurations: a traditional needle bearing axle/wheel design or an optional bronze bushing axle/wheel setup. Each design features two pressurized EDM oil feeds as well as an edge-orifice feed to the wheel.

We have had so many people that have asked for a bushed lifter or a needle bearing lifter. We figured it was a good opportunity now to offer both in one lifter line.


We have had so many people that have asked for a bushed lifter or a needle bearing lifter,” says Chris Mays. “We figured it was a good opportunity now to offer both in one lifter line. There are still many spring pressure requirements that need needle bearings.”

The body utilizes a skirted wheel that strengthens the lifter ears, and the skirt also provides more contact area with the lifter bore for further lifter stabilization. In addition, staked axles eliminate clips and provide robust axle retention. This feature increases the stiffness of the lifter ears and helps prevent the ears from spreading. Sportsman Lifters are built from 8620 premium steel for increased strength and wear resistance, and feature a captured, stainless steel link bar design.

They feature a tall body to enable use in both standard and .300″ tall lifter bores—the result is increased strength and less lifter bore wear These lifters are available for big block Chevy, small block Chevy, small block Ford and big block Chrysler/HEMI. 


  • Needle bearing and bushing configurations
  • For sportsman, pro racing and high-end street applications
  • Premium 8620 alloy steel construction
  • Lightweight design and optional bushing axles
  • Upgrade over Endure-X lifters
  • Will last longer and handle more aggressive environments
  • Utilize a tapered&and slotted link bar tower for both reduced weight and improved aesthetics
  • Revised oiling system with consistent roller and axle lubrication designed to combat the oil starvation that is the common cause for lifter failure


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