PRI 2013: Canton’s LS-Next Oil Pan and Billet Rail Valve Covers

Dart’s new LS-Next block is making waves in the performance industry, and this revolutionary new product is going to need some supporting players to help builders and enthusiasts along the way. Working directly with Dart, Canton Racing Products has developed their LS-Next oil pan.

“Dart sent a block to us and we sent a pan to them,” says Canton General Manager, Mike Zeranski Jr. This pan takes advantage of the unskirted block, including both the oil pan rails being inverted. The pan is kicked out and utilizes an oil recovery pouch to capture oil off the block and crank and keep it draining back to the baffling, preventing the oil from getting sling against the block or the side of the pan. “Where Dart has removed the skirt from the block where it was fixed before, we’re able to expand that area [in the oil pan] and give the oil a place to go,” says Zeranski.

The pan is made from 0.100-inch thick aluminum, and is fully TIG welded to prevent leaks and ensure quality construction. The pan Canton is showing at the PRI is a front sump, but they will also have a rear sump and a dry sump version available as well. Part numbers are already in their system and the company is currently accepting pre-orders. Zeranski says the parts should be shipping and available through retailers shortly after the first of the year.

Stable Valve Covers

“We’ve made fabricated valve covers for years, but we wanted a version that was a little more robust for frequently going on and off the engine,” says Zeranski. To that end, Canton has developed a billet rail valve cover design.

The valve covers begin with a 5/16-inch thick billet aluminum, laser-cut rail to help the valve cover seal. The rail is tig-welded to a 0.100-inch thick fabricated aluminum valve cover body. “It’s a very light piece because it’s fabricated, but we’re getting the extra benefit of the machined and lasered rail so you have that extra strength,” says Zeranski.

The Billet Rail valve covers will be released first for small block Chevy, with more popular options to follow, and Zeranski says they haven’t ruled out niche engines either. This product should also be available for ordering shortly after January 1, 2014.

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