PRI 2013: BES Builds Horsepower for Every Brand

IMG_5221GRTony Bischoff, in addition to being one of the nicest people you are likely to meet at a racetrack, is also a shrewd businessman. From humble beginnings in 1985, he’s taken BES from a local shop rebuilding grocery getter engines to one of the most respected performance racing builders in the nation.

ROTTLER_P69_011At this years PRI show, we got a quick tour of what’s new at BES, but we were surprised to learn that despite the many high-performance cylinder heads on display for Ford, GM, and Mopar mills, something like 80% of the work at Bischoff is still complete engine builds and rebuilds.

That solid business foundation underpins the company’s sustained growth, and the most recent evidence of that growth is the new Rottler P-69 CNC mill currently turning aluminum into airflow, horsepower, and speed on the BES shop floor.

LS, LX, Ford... The air just knows it flows better thanks to BES.

The P-69 is optimized for, and devoted to, producing cylinder heads, and in addition to being utilized to manufacture BES’ selection of in-house designs for everything from Modular Fords to HEMI LX V8’s, they can also take your own hand-ported head design, digitize it, program the tool paths, and literally in a matter of days be set up to manufacture “white label” custom CNC ported heads to your specification.

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