PRI 2012: Yella Terra’s New Rockers For Mast Black Label Heads

Yella Terra's New Range roller rockers for Mast Motorsports' Black Label cylinder heads.

When we stopped by the Yella Terra booth at the 2012 PRI show, product development manager Roger Vinci set us straight on aftermarket rockers right away. “OE car manufacturers build products to a price, they don’t build them for performance. They have one major objective, make an inexpensive rocker that is reliable enough to get past the standard warranty period,” he says, “if accountants weren’t in control, then car manufacturer’s valvetrain engineers would build what we make.”

According to Vinci, Yella Terra has been broadening the range of LS roller rocker arms for the last six years. Currently offering L76/L92/L98/LS3/LS9 and LSA roller rockers for factory heads, LS1/LS2/LS4 and LS6 roller rockers for AFR, Dart, Edelbrock and factory heads with another line for LS7 and LSX factory heads. Each version comes in one of three styles; Ultralite, the standard Yella Terra, and the Platinum Series.

New this year to the Yella Terra line-up is the “New Range” roller rockers designed specifically for the Mast Motorsports Black Label cylinder heads – covering the Black Label rectangular port LS3, rectangular port LS7 and the cathedral port LS1/LS2 cylinder heads.

Vinci explains why Yella Terra should be the choice made by any performance engine builder. “Quality aftermarket rocker arms must be made from ultra high quality aluminum extrusion such as 2024-T3500 or T6. This extrusion actually becomes stronger as the engine heat increases and is much more durable under stress.” 

“A weaker extrusion lends itself to colorful, high luster finishes. 2024 does not anodize or polish up very well,” he adds. “Anodizing actually weakens the extrusion even further. One must make a critical decision here. Pretty or strong? If you are an engine builder, you put your reputation on the line with every engine you build. For our customers, they choose strength every time.”

If you are currently own Mast Motorsports Black Label LS cylinder heads, or planning on swapping out to a set, Yella Terra has the shaft roller rockers to suit the upgrade. 

For more information on Yella Terra products, check them out at 

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