PRI 2012: Scorpion Racing Products Shaft Mount Rockers Unveiled

Scorpion Racing Products are well known for their valvetrain products through precision robotic manufacturing techniques, but don’t think that they’ve taken the human element out of the equation.  “Our crew is still very ‘hands-on’ when it comes to manufacturing the components,” says Scott Reynolds. “Most of the team that started with the company are still working here today.”

Scorpion takes precision to a whole new level as evident with their new Endurance Series shaft mount rockers. According to Reynolds, “These rockers were designed for professional circle track, dirt track, drag racing and offshore powerboat race engines. They are built to perform at the top level, lap after lap, race after race.”

Product design engineer Zac Collins explains, “These new shaft rockers have been tested on the circle track for over two years before we released them to the public. With two seasons of racing at 8,600 rpm plus…we are convinced of their ability to withstand the rigors of race engines and meet the high standards we set for our products.”

The process began with 3D dimension modeling and FEA testing on the computer. Once the crew felt they had the perfect design for a shaft mount rocker arm with endurance qualities, the Scorpion crew produced actual components for testing. The engineering crew represented a team of 13 with over 100-years of valvetrain engineering experience. “One of the key areas that always poses a challenge with rocker arms is the question of performance vs. temperature. Through extensive testing, we have perfected our shaft mount rockers using 7000 series aluminum for extreme racing at high rpm over a long life span.”

Scorpion's Endurance shaft mount rockers are available in different ratios.

Scorpion’s Endurance series shaft mount rockers are available in many different ratios. Key features include a large roller and precision trunnion shaft. 

Features of Scorpion’s Endurance series shaft mount rockers:

  • Available in many ratios
  • .562″ centerless ground shaft
  • .520″ centerless ground roller
  • Steel parts made from ASTM certified bearing quality steel
  • 120 gram assembled body
  • .625″ adjuster engagement
  • 4140 heat treated steel stand
  • ARP shaft and stand bolts
  • .260″ strap
  • Aluminum bodies made from 7000 series aluminum
  • Clears 1.650″ valve springs
  • Anodized for additional strength and protection
  • Needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip
  • Black oxide coated steel parts
  • 100 % CNC machined
  • Made in America

Tested on the racetrack at over 8600 rpm, these rockers are "over-engineered" to Scorpion's demanding standards.

“We over-engineer our parts for our own assurance. All of our products are thoroughly tested in-house on our Super Flow 901 engine dyno before they ever go out for track testing,” says Collins. “Using the top materials and the latest cutting edge manufacturing and finishing processes like Military Spec Type II Anodizing, Type III Hardcoat Anodizing and Bright Dip Anodizing. Anodizing not only protects metal objects but strengthens them by making their surface much harder,” adds Reynolds.

Scorpion Racing Products offers a full range of valvetrain components with the Endurance series featured as the pinnacle of quality. For more information on Scorpion’s Endurance series shaft mount rockers or other valvetrain components in the Endurance line, visit them at

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