PRI 2012: Penrite Oil Company’s “Better Class of Oil”

School is in session and Penrite Oil believes they have the advanced placement class in lubrication. Penrite prides itself on the level of training and technical support that it provides ensuring the right product is recommended to maximize performance and minimize the risk of costly misapplication. 

According to Garry Padey, “This is one of the many reasons why Penrite is the number one preferred brand among independent mechanics world-wide.”

“As mechanical technology advances around the world, so must the specification of lubrication,” says Padey. “We continue to lead the global market in the development & manufacture of products that meet and exceed these demanding lubricant specifications.”

Vehicles have become more sophisticated, and it’s essential to use the correct lubrication to avoid damage. Padey claims, “Penrite has the right product for every application with the latest industry specifications & OE approvals. OE approved products meet the original specifications of the manufacturer, which maintains all warranty & performance criteria.”

The Penrite Oil Company was founded in 1926 by Les Mecoles where he purchased his first factory in Melbourne, Australia, manufacturing high quality lubricants from Pennsylvania base stocks. Les sold the company to John Dymond, a mechanical engineer by trade and a car enthusiast at heart, who rapidly expanded the Penrite range of products.

John’s technical background and a commitment to quality helped Penrite to produce high quality products for every application. Dymond’s philosophy of “every product, every application, every customer” remains a core value of the company to this day.

For a customer making a decision on which Penrite oil to purchase, Padey says, “It is a balance between power and protection. We have such a wide range of products that everything from an engine that gets rebuilt after every race to your daily commuter is covered.”

For more information on Penrite’s wide range of lubrication products or to get a recommendation on which oil is best for your application, visit them online at 

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