ICE Ignition came to the 2012 PRI tradeshow with a hefty reputation. “We’ve been involved in the Engine Masters competition for the last six years and have been on the winning engine five times,” says Michael Konstandinou. Carrying that kind of credibility comes at the price of other companies aiming at taking the top spot. ICE Ignition paid their dues by developing new ignition products for 2013. 

Konstandinou touts the company’s new Digital Inductive Spark (DIS) technology, “our new plug and play DIS ignition controls combine high intensity and spark duration to create maximum spark energy.” According to Konstandinou, the new ICE plug and play ignition controls are compatible with existing magnetic trigger distributors and replaces old CDI with DIS technology. 

Forget two step rev limiters; Konstandinou explained that ICE Ignition’s new control box is “available with 1,2 or 3 RPM limiters and optional two RPM activated switches.”

“The result of our new DIS technology is ultimate ignition energy to fire anything from a street car to a blown alcohol fueled race car,” says Konstandinou.

“The key to our improved output is achieved by using a higher coil primary current, resulting in the secondary spark current being more intense. The system also uses mosfet switching technology which is faster as well as minimizing heat dissipation and energy wastage. This produces the longest duration spark available,” explains Konstandinou.

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