Holley has released updated V2 versions of its HP and Dominator EFI management systems, adding a host of features — including boost control for turbo and some supercharged applications.

“Current owners of the HP and Dominator boxes can also upgrade to the V2 software free of charge by going to holleyefi.com,” says Doug Flynn, product development manager at Holley.

Other upgrades include expanded data logger capabilities, integration with traction control and a new configurable gauge panel display.

“We’ve been working with Davis Technologies on the traction control,” adds Flynn. “It does require a separate Davis/Holley traction-control module.”

The boost channel can be configured to control boost based on time, gear, speed and manual inputs. There’s also a function that can build boost on the starting line by altering timing, fuel and even nitrous application, and there are over-boost safety limits.

The traction-control feature also requires associated driveshaft-signal hardware in addition to the Davis/Holley module. Once the driveshaft speed information is available, the Holley ECU can be programmed to reduce timing, nitrous, boost or drive-by-wire throttle position to combat tire spin. 

Other new features include quick-start ignition and fuel strategies for LSX engines and quick-start fueling for all engines, option for VE-based fueling strategy, configurable user password protection and additional time-based timing retards.

The Holley HP system can be programmed with a laptop or optional 5.7-inch LCD touch screen. It works with a variety of EFI systems and comes a plug-n-play capability for LSx engines. The Dominator is preferable for high-end racing applications with additional input and output options. It includes electronic-transmission controls and dual-channel wide-band O2 sensor controls.

Holley offers a wide variety of EFI kits, including the Stealth Ram, that utilize the HP management. There’s also a step-by-step HP and Dominator component selection guide in the Holley catalog to set up the proper EFI system for street or race applications.