Founded by the late Pete Holinger, Holinger Engineering continues to manufacture hardcore race gearboxes despite the founder’s passing in 2009. Holinger Engineering continues unabated in the same way Peter began the company, with a huge emphasis placed on designing and manufacturing quality racing transmissions.

“Our primary focus is high end race car transmissions from Rally to GT racing,” says Leigh Nash. According to Nash, the objective is, “…building a transmission that is reliable in that harsh racing environment and still be lightweight.” Reliability and size are the key emphasis when you talk with Hollinger.

“We are ISO 9001 certified and always striving for perfection, because in the racing world quality is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” says Nash. “The Holinger design office has nearly 100 collective years of motorsport and transmission engineering experience.”

All gearbox design and production is done in-house with the aid of 3D design and extensive CNC capabilities. 

For road racers that want to keep their OE transmissions, Holinger offers gear sets and kits to convert standard road car transmissions into a durable race style unit. Both sequential and more traditional H-pattern kits available and Holinger offers a range of solutions for different applications.

“What makes our units unique is that our philosophy is to design gearboxes to be ‘heirlooms’ rather than consumables,” says Nash.  For a complete listing of the different types of gearboxes, gear sets and conversion kits available, visit Holinger Engineering online at