PRI 2012: Harrop Engineering’s Hurricane ITB Manifold Flies-by-Wire

Creating a large crowd at the PRI tradeshow is a tough chore but Harrop Engineering managed to pull that feat off by displaying their LS3/LS7 Hurricane ITB manifold. 

“We imported a C6 Corvette last year and converted it to right hand drive, then set about designing a manifold that was race inspired but incorporated and old school attitude,” says Heath Moore. Old school attitude indeed. The looks are reminiscent of mechanical fuel injection from the 1950’s but the engineering is most assuredly cutting edge modern.

According to Moore, “The Hurricane manifold has long runners and smooth transitions to the port entry for increased flow efficiency. This is the only ITB manifold utilizing GM factory fly-by-wire system.”

“The 8-individual throttle system dramatically improves throttle responsiveness while increasing the power and torque outputs of the engine. Ideally suited to track focused vehicles, the design will also fit beneath the stock Corvette hood profile,” says Moore.

Features of the Hurricane Manifold for GM LS3 & LS7 engine platforms:

  • Unique single piece cast aluminum manifold assembly
  • Long direct intake runners increases mid-range to top-end torque
  • Utilizes all standard connections (TPS, Idle Compensation, Pressure Sensor, Vacuum & Throttle Drive)
  • Extruded aluminum fuel rails connect to standard fuel supply lines and injectors
  • Available with electronic and cable throttle control
Designed to use GM’s factory drive-by-wire controller, the Harrop engineered manifold also supports cable throttle setups with a built-in cable throttle controller.
For more information on Harrop Engineering’s line of superchargers, manifolds and intake systems, visit them online at 

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