PRI 2012: Fragola Gets Specific With Fittings And Adapters

Fragola's extended length oil pressure feed adapter is just what the doctor ordered for SBC engines.

Fragola Performance Systems is known for being detail oriented. Providing racers and high performance enthusiasts with high quality fittings, Fragola routinely finds themselves engineering a specific use fitting for special applications. At this year’s PRI trade show in Orlando, Fragola’s Jeff Stacey highlighted a couple of the specific use fittings.

Anyone that has worked with the Gen I SBC is familiar with the oil pressure switch feed and brass fitting that is supplied with the stock engine. While this short fitting works for stock applications, high performance engine builders find the stock brass fitting too soft, too short and too wide to use with high performance intake manifolds. Fragola’s extended oil pressure feed adapter fixes those issues and maintains a low enough profile that won’t interfere with the distributor or technicians making distributor adjustments.

The end that threads into the block is manufactured with pipe threads, which are common to stock GM gen I SBC blocks. The opposite end is threaded with Fragola’s precision AN threads. This special use fitting is what should have been installed at the factory from the start and is just what the motor doctor (MD) ordered.

The stock location for the SBC oil pressure feed line makes the stock brass adapter useless with high performance upgrades like intake manifolds. Fragola's extended adapter allows for clearance and proper tightening of the adapter, even when the manifold is installed.

In addition to a full line of special use carburetor, power steering and fuel injection adapters, Fragola also offers a line of billet flare to flare Y-fittings. When it comes time to route fuel systems with bypasses or plumb cooling systems into your race car, these special use fittings make life easier and minimize the possibility of leaks.

Fragola’s Y-fittings range from AN-4 to AN -10 and are available in red, blue and black anodized finish.  

For more information on Fragola Performance Systems’ line of special application fittings, visit them online at 

Fragola's special application AN male-to-male billet Y-block can make plumbing easier while eliminating the need for multiple fittings.


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