PRI 2012: Flowmaster Is Celebrating The Big Three-O

2013 marks Flowmaster’s Thirty Year Anniversary and thirty years of heritage comes with, not only great new products and innovations, but also a continued responsibility to the motorsports community.

Flowmaster actually began back in 1983 by focusing their efforts to help racers “quiet” down their exhaust systems and help keep the race tracks open. As residential communities were being built closer and closer to existing race tracks (street, dirt, you name it) the motorsports community began to take notice and Flowmaster stepped in offering a few solutions to help keep the race tracks open. At the time (and even true for today) more and more tracks were being shut down due to noise ordinances across the country.

That signature sound all begins with signature mufflers and proper flow.

It’s funny to think of Flowmaster as helping to “quiet” anything down since their signature rumble is one of the most sought after exhaust notes on the market today. We stopped by the Flowmaster booth at this year’s PRI show to check out some of their latest and greatest innovations for helping to both “quiet” and “louden” up anything on four wheels and beyond.

Flowmaster’s exhaust technology begins with in-house R&D and engineers constantly testing and developing new ways to allow engines to “breathe” and properly tying together flow and exhaust for optimum performance. As we toured the booth to check out the newest innovations we came across the Pro Series and the Outlaw Race Mufflers as highlighted in the video above. Check out the advanced features and cut away shots of these two options below.

Pro Series Features:

  • Most versatile Laminar Flow muffler offered by Flowmaster
  • Deeper tone for great performance sound
  • 409S stainless steel constuction
  • Limited lifetime warranty to original purchaser
  • Lower exterior heat via “cool shell” technology
  • Full size and shorty versions available 

Outlaw Race Muffler Features:

  • Increased torque and performance
  • Can be attached directly to collector
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Available in 3, 3.5, 4, and 5-inch outlets
  • Available in 16 3/4 or 17-inch body lengths
  • Allows easier detection of engine problems through sound
After seeing the new line-up out at PRI we’re definitely excited for the next thirty years. For more information on these and other great exhaust products be sure to check out the pros at Flowmaster or give them a ring today at (707) 544-4761.

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