Branching out from their popular thermodynamic electric cooling fans, Davies Craig is introducing a new line of electric water pumps to the global market.

“We’re pretty proud of these water pumps,” says John Benson. “They offer a considerable weight savings for the big-block Chevy and small-block Chevy engines.”

Considerable is a difficult number to define so Benson laid down the numbers. “The stock mechanical pumps weight about 16-pounds. Our EWP-150 weighs 2-pounds. That’s a considerable amount of weight to drop off and gain 15-horsepower at the same time.”

Benson says that Davies Craig electric water pumps are currently available for the small- and big-block engine platforms now, “We will have electric water pumps for LS and Ford engines in a couple of months.” 

In addition to the new electric water pumps, Davies Craig also offers an EWP header adapter kit which allows the electric water pump to be relocated to a lower place in the engine bay. Having the water pump mounted in the lower radiator water hose helps with engine cooling and helps get the weight down lower.

In a nutshell, Davies Craig’s EWP150 Electric Water Pump is a universal, do-it-yourself, easy to install water pump designed to replace or compliment existing belt-driven mechanical water pumps. Features include removing parasitic power losses of a belt-driven water pump to free up extra power and torque. The pump’s design also provides increased cooling capacity by eliminating heat soak and providing better engine temperature control.

For more information on Davies Craig’s new line of electric water pumps, visit them online at

EWP header adapter hose kit.