Standalones have become increasingly popular over the last decade as people continue to push the boundaries of their factory PCMs. One domestic based company that’s been evolving their standalones for a long time is AEM Electronics. Last year they debuted their newest Infinity standalone, but believe it or not, there was a demand for a less frills unit.

“Everything is exactly the same except the amount of injector drivers,” said Kirk Miller of AEM Electronics. This means this smaller unit not only fits in tighter spots inside the car, it can also save you a few hundred bucks as well. The Infinity is extremely versatile. It can utilize a closed loop compensation table in air fuel ratio points that can than trigger fail safes inside the PCM to reduce the possibility of engine failure, control up to four channels of variable valve timing, and supports a host of dash displays. The smaller unit will control up to 8 cylinders.

Some of the options

  • Fuel control resolution to 1/10th of a microsecond (.0000001 sec)
  • Multi-fuel capable
  • Open-loop fuel pressure compensation
  • Individual cylinder ignition and fuel trim
  • Real-time sensor diagnostics
  • Electronic boost control
  • Programmable traction control
  • 2-step programmable launch control
  • Drive-by-wire control

In Tank Fuel Pump

Also new for AEM Electronics is their new high flow in tank fuel pump. This little guy will flow up to 320 lph at 43 psi while being whisper quiet in the tank. It’s universal nature makes installation a snap.

  • Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
  • In-Tank design
  • Tested to flow 320 lph @ 43 PSI
  • 39mm diameter fits most applications
  • Offset inlet design eases installation
  • Each pump individually tested
  • For gasoline vehicles (pump life may be diminished when used with E85 fuel)
  • Kit includes fuel pump, rubber sleeve and end caps, pre filter, hose, clamps and flying lead