PRI 2011: Wiseco And K1 Team Up To Build Complete Stroker Kits

There are some pretty historic team-ups in recent history, like chocolate and peanut butter or Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand, that result in normal folks – like you and me – really coming out on top. Recently, Wiseco Performance Products paired up with K1 Technologies to create a series (in fact, a whole catalog full) of plug-and-play stroker rotating assemblies that are guaranteed to kick your current powertrain in the pants.

The braintrust of K1 and Wiseco has resulted in a series of products that have been designed specifically to benefit the other, and to maximize each part’s inner potential.

K1’s 4340 forged cranks are heat tempered and core hardened to optimize tensile strength, while straight oiling ports have been machined to maintain a constant oil flow. Each crank has been stress relieved and internally balanced.

Appropriately, K1’s 4340 forged rods feature a special bushing material for reduced friction, pin oiling, thicker blades, double bridged caps to reduce housing bore distortion, larger big end housing bores, and ARP proprietrary bolts with asymmetrical threads for improved thread load.

All of this adds up when attached to a set of Wiseco pistons. These lightweight slugs are forged and machined with gas ports, offset pins, millimeter ring packs, and are available with skirt and dome coatings. Moreover, each piston is CNC machined for optimal performance.

  • Applications for SBC, BBC, LS, SBF, BBF, Chrysler LA, B, RB, 5.7L, 6.1L, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai
  • Standard and custom stroker kits
  • All levels of performance – from street to race course

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