PRI 2011: Wilwood Provides Competition Stopping Power by Spec 37

Wilwood Engineering seemingly pushes the envelope on competition braking power annually at each PRI tradeshow by rolling out proprietary new technology. This year was no different with the release of Wilwood’s new Spec 37 competition rotors.

We talked to Michael Hamrick, Account Executive at Wilwood Engineering, about the Spec 37 rotors. “Spec 37 is a proprietary iron alloy that we have developed to withstand extreme high temperatures of oval track and road course competition,” says Hamrick.

Hamrick explained that the alloy is a derivative of the technology and materials used in heavy duty military spec rotors that are manufactured by Wilwood. “Many people don’t know that we manufacture extreme duty rotors for military applications. What we have done is transfer some of that technology into some of our other products, with some tweaks, giving consumers a totally new product with cutting edge technology,” said Hamrick.

We noticed a real resistance against distortion, warping, cracking and wear with rotors made with this alloy.

The spec 37 racing formula has already established itself as a winner by proving itself on road courses and oval tracks during initial testing and in competition. “We noticed a real resistance against distortion, warping, cracking and wear with rotors made with this alloy,” said Hamrick.

Hamrick explained that the “Spec 37 alloy was currently available in the GT and HD series directional vane configurations in the most common sizes of our oval track and road course brake packages.” He went on to explain that the HD series rotors were the “most affordable opportunities for racers wanting to upgrade to the Spec 37 rotors.”

The brake engineering company from Camarillo, California continuously amazes us with their annual upgrades to an already impressive product line. We can hardly wait to see what they stop us with next year.

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