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PRI 2011: Vibrant Performance Thinks Outside The Box

If you’re not connected to the “tuner” scene, you may have never heard of Vibrant Performance, which is something we aim to correct right now. They’re a major supplier to import fabricators, with a catalog chock full of the sorts of things guys building a custom turbo setup or intake manifold need. Velocity stacks, turbo flanges, and mandrel-bent tubing don’t know the difference between 4 and 8 cylinders, so there’s a lot in the Vibrant catalog for anyone who loves all the bits and pieces it takes to build a race car.

That doesn’t mean that Vibrant isn’t courting the domestic market, though – their new Modular Intake Suite is a combination of intake flanges, runners, velocity stacks, and plenums that make it easier to build a custom intake at the fraction of the price of a fabricated sheetmetal or billet piece. We’re told that billet machined flanges for popular V8 intake bolt patterns are in development, and we’re looking forward to seeing what a skilled fabricator can do with these parts on an LS7 or 4-valve Modular. The idea is to free yourself from the time-consuming steps involved in building a custom intake, so you can concentrate on the “big picture” design.

You might be wondering what the young lady in the lead photo is doing - she's using FUSE, Vibrant's aluminum 'weld without a weld.' It's a low-temperature way to join or repair aluminum using just a propane torch. As you can see, it has the ability to fill gaps like the holes drilled in that oil pan, and to serve as a substitute in some cases for TIG welding. Those aluminum squares were flat to begin with - the FUSE fillet is so strong you can stand on the assembled piece and the aluminum will bend before the joint fails.



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