There has been a longing for an aluminum center section that can hold up to the rigors of street driving.  Typically slight deflection of the aluminum near the end caps can cause the ring gear to inconsistently wear with the pinion.  Strange Engineering has listened to the cries and has released a center section with thru-studs, meaning there are no bolt heads on the end caps and only on the differential’s front face.

Additionally, Strange has added more webbing to the front of the case to increase rigidity, resulting in the construction of a brand new pinion support to accommodate this new design. The oil scavenging channel effectively lubricates the pinion bearings for the most demanding street applications.  An integral pinion support drain and lubrication channel further improves oil circulation.

The Strange HD aluminum case is made from 206-T4 heat treated aluminum that has a 12% higher yield strength and 32% higher tensile strength when compared to commonly used 356-T6

• 7/16″ diameter ARP bolts made from superior 8740 steel – far superior to grade 8 bolts/studs
• Large ribbed billet aluminum main caps
• Large tail bearing and retaining plate
• Available in 3.0625″, 3.250″, and 3.812″ bores