PRI 2011: StopTech’s SportStop And Power Slot Brings You To a Halt

We’ve been harping on all the many and various ways your can cram more fuel and air down your engine’s gullet, or how to squeeze the very last ounce of horsepower out of your machine’s powerplant, but frankly, we haven’t given you all that much in the way of bringing you back to earth in a slow and safe manner.

Yup, we’re talking brakes here, fellas. And if you’re looking to keep yourself and your car in one piece, you’re gonna need ’em.

We sauntered over to StopTech‘s booth and gazed in awe at all the different big rotor and caliper configurations. Back a few years ago, big name competitors made it seem like if you were interested in putting on some big skids, you were gonna have to fork over some serious moolah. Thankfully, with companies like StopTech making brake systems for nearly every imaginable application, you can outfit whatever you have with the best in performance braking.

Each StopTech kit comes with stainless brake lines with a Teflon inner hose wrapped in woven stainless. In fact, each kit comes with all the hardware you’ll need to swap your old wimpy motors with these bad boys in no time.

Since StopTech is all about the comprehensive package, their SportStop and Power Slot rotors are designed to increase initial brake “bite” in all driving conditions – wet or dry. And since these machined designs are engineered for optimal rotor integrity, each mill-balanced rotor will perform vibration-free and can come with black E-coating to gussy up your wheelwell’s looks.

Oh yeah, don’t forget StopTech’s Street Performance pads that guarantee improved brake feel and response, longer life, and quiet braking.

  • Cryogenically Tempered
  • StopTech Sport Kits Available
  • Mill-balanced

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